Royal Caribbean Taking Action Against Coronavirus

Royal Caribbean announced that it has chosen to take additional steps to mitigate the chances of a Coronavirus outbreak on any of the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet. RCCL released a statement detailing the new measures being taken.

“We continue to closely monitor global developments regarding the coronavirus, and we are fully focused on protecting the health and safety of our guests and crew.

After consultation with medical experts and public health authorities, and in alignment with new, stricter CDC protocols, plus changes in various countries’ requirements and regulations, along with our desire to ensure that we are able to provide a great vacation experience, while we protect our guests and crew – we are implementing the following changes.

  • Through the month of February 2020, any guest that holds a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport, will be unable to board any of our ships, regardless of residency.

Additionally, we’ve tightened our health screening requirements and the following guests will need to undergo extra screenings to ensure safety at the cruise terminal:

  • Anyone that has been in contact with individuals that have traveled from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau in the last 15 days.

  • Anyone that feels unwell or demonstrates flu-like symptoms.

  • Any guest presenting with fever or low blood oximetry in the specialized health screening will be denied boarding.

We know that these steps are very conservative, and we apologize that they will inconvenience some of our guests. We regret to have to do this, but it is our responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment onboard our ships, as well as in the ports we visit.”

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began at the end of 2019, it has sickened more than 20,000, left more than 425 dead and sparked and global health emergency. With scientist racing to find a cure, the major cruise lines aren’t taking any chances. Both Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line have announced that they will be taking similar measures.

Courtesy Royal Caribbean

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