Vaccine Mandates Lifted on Royal Caribbean…Mostly

At last! The day is here, 2+ years later, everyone can finally take a Royal Caribbean cruise. They started with every other US port outside of Florida first, but yesterday Royal Caribbean announced that you can now cruise without a vaccine from any of the whopping 6 cruise ports throughout the state of Florida.

Yes, there are still some restrictions however, we are getting closer and closer to back to normal and this is very exciting. You still have to test negative if you are unvaccinated and if you are vaccinated, you are not required to show a negative Covid-19 test. Unvaccinated travelers are also not able to sail on an itinerary that visit Canada or Bermuda.

Updated Vaccination Protocol for U.S. and European Cruises Departing on or after September 5, 2022

Beginning September 5, all travelers, regardless of vaccination status, can cruise on the following itineraries, as long as they meet testing requirements to board.

  • Any cruise from a Florida home port.
  • Any cruise on Oasis of the Seas from Cape Liberty. 
  • Any cruise from Los Angeles, California.
  • Any cruise from Galveston, Texas.
  • Any cruise from New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Any cruise from a European home port.
    (Note: Guests that are not “up to date” on their vaccination per EMA standards will need to take a test onboard in order to get off the ship in Greece and Spain)

Protocols for each sailing are confirmed, via email and on our website, no less than 30 days before you sail. Should protocols for your sailing change upon that confirmation, and you are unable to travel due to your vaccination status, we will move you to a new sailing where your vaccination status is accepted or provide you a refund.

Here are the protocols

  • Vaccinated guests won’t have to take a pre-cruise test on cruises that are shorter than 10 nights.
  • Unvaccinated guests age 5 and up will need to test within 3 days before boarding, regardless of cruise length.
  • We will begin accepting results from self-administered home tests.

Now that makes 3 major cruise lines that have mostly lifted the vaccine requirement to sail.

What are your thoughts? Will you be booking a cruise in light of this news?

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SOURCE Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

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